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What To Do If Your Dental Crown Falls Off

Your dental crown has fallen off. You are wondering what you should do next. You are likely tempted to panic and fret as you rehash the moment you realized your dental crown had fallen off. Do not fall into this trap! Remain calm, understand that losing a crown is more common than most assume and move forward with a clear mind. In most cases, crowns fall out due to forces out of your control such as trauma, grinding teeth during the night, the decay of the tooth below or some other physical force. Here is a look at how to proceed after your dental crown falls off.

The First Step After Your Dental Crown Falls Off

Once you realize your crown has fallen off, it is time to act quickly, decisively and prudently. Remove the crown from your mouth. If it fell on the ground, do your best to find it. If you swallowed the crown, you would have to be fitted for a new one. Rinse the area in question with some warm water. Give it a light clean with a toothbrush. Reach out to your dentist to schedule an appointment. If the tooth in question hurts, try to get in for an appointment as soon as possible.

Cleaning the Crown

As you wash the crown, take a close look at its interior. If you see the tooth has been fractured and is within the crown, you must visit with your dentist for any progress to be made. If the crown appears hollow or if it has a small metal rod emerging, it might be possible to temporarily put it back in your mouth before visiting with the dentist for a permanent cementing. Speak with your dentist to determine if you can use a temporary glue for crowns that will safely and firmly connect the crown to the tooth. The average pharmacy carries this style of glue. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that this approach is merely a temporary fix.

Be Careful!

Though you can eat after your dental crown falls off, you should try to limit yourself to liquids and soft foods. Avoid chewy or sticky foods. Try to restrict your diet to soft foods like applesauce, pudding, and soups until you have a solution to your crown problem.

Meet With the Dentist for a Permanent Solution for Your Missing Crown

The dentist will analyze the tooth and the crown to figure out why the crown fell off. He or she will then chart the optimal course of action. The best route might be a new filling. In other cases, a new crown will be necessary. The dentist will have to sterilize the space in question to eradicate bacteria and permanently cement the crown to the tooth. Put your faith in your dentist, and you will emerge from this crisis with a functional, beautiful and reliable crowned tooth.

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