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What to Ask During Your Next Implant Dentist Appointment

An implant dentist is there to make sure patients are properly informed before and after getting implants. These oral professionals have a great deal of experience installing implants. These dental prosthetics are the recommended way to replace a missing tooth.

An implant will not just replace the tooth in question; it also replaces its natural roots. This is important, since patients lose bone tissue when a tooth is missing, hence why implants are often preferred over other alternatives like dentures and bridges.

It is always hard for patients to remember everything on their mind during a consultation with an implant dentist, so we have created a list of questions that patients should ask their dentist when getting implants.

Questions you should ask an implant dentist

1. Who will make the device?

As with most things, not all implants are the same. There are over 50 different companies that manufacture implants, and some products are made to a higher standard than others. Patients should discuss the top brands and the differences between them before committing to a specific implant.

2. Will I get a mini or regular-sized implant?

There is a huge difference between mini and regular-sized implants. Traditional implants are the standard when it comes to replacing teeth, and these devices are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Mini implants are the cheaper alternative, but these may not be as durable or effective.

3. What type of specialized training does the dentist have?

The installation of implants is a surgical procedure that requires specialized training not always taught in general dentistry school. However, all dentists are legally authorized to install implants, regardless of their training.

Patients should look for dentists who have the appropriate training from implants and surgical experience.

4. Does the price being quoted cover the crown as well?

Implants are one of the pricier dental prosthetics, and patients should be aware of what the total cost will be before starting treatment. The cost of the implant and crown is typically separate, but patients should verify what the total price will be to prevent any misunderstandings.

5. Will CT imaging and diagnostic models be used?

The installation of implants is a major dental procedure, and the use of digital imaging and diagnostic models are essential. The technology makes it possible for the dentist to get accurate measurements of the patient’s mouth and accurately predict how the implant will look.

6. Is sedation offered?

There are many people who are terrified of the idea of going to the dentist. A surgical procedure like the installation of implants can be their worst nightmare. These types of patients should talk to their dentist about sedation. These drugs can be used to keep the patient calm and relaxed during treatments.

Thinking about getting dental implants? Schedule a consultation with an implant dentist today!

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