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Is Tooth Extraction Painful?


A tooth extraction is a commonly done procedure that a lot of people fear because it can involve pain. Having a tooth pulled out is not something that is pain-free, but the procedure isn’t as painful as some may believe it is. Knowing what is involved in a tooth extraction can help ease any anxieties or fears that one might be experiencing knowing that they need a tooth pulled.

While different people have different thresholds for pain, some may think that this procedure is painful and others may think that it is just uncomfortable. Today, we will discuss whether or not a tooth extraction procedure is painful.

Is a tooth extraction painful?

In this day and age, technology has advanced and the dental industry has grown so much. Years ago, having a tooth pulled may have been a very painful procedure because there wasn’t a way to numb the tooth or the surrounding area. However, there are now anesthetic agents that are given to the patient’s tooth and surrounding area so that they won’t feel the tooth being pulled.

Aside from anesthesia being given, a patient is sometimes also put “under” with general anesthesia so that they are not awake during the tooth pulling. This helps a lot of patients who are fearing the pain of having a tooth pulled.

General tooth extraction

A general tooth extraction is simple because the patient is given the numbing agent and then the tooth is pulled. The dentist will clean the area and possibly provide pain medication. Depending on the size of the wound, the dentist may pack it with gauze. Otherwise, the patient is then on their way home to rest.

Once the tooth is pulled, the patient may return to the dentist’s office later to evaluate what replacement options they have for their missing tooth.

Other cases

However, occasionally a person may require a more involved tooth extraction. If the tooth is severely damaged or impacted then a dentist may have to pull the tooth out in parts. The gums or surrounding tissue may have to be cut or scraped away in order to successfully pull the tooth out. This typically causes a patient more pain because the gums and surrounding tissue become irritated.

Tooth extractions are not procedures that anyone wants to go through, but in most cases, they are absolutely necessary in order to maintain a healthy mouth. The teeth are durable but if proper care isn’t given to them, they may need to be pulled. A dentist is fully trained and equipped to pull your tooth. While there can be some pain, most of it won’t be until after the procedure is over in which medications and other remedies can be used to ease the pain.

If you still have questions about tooth extractions then give us a call today. We’re happy to help guide you through this process as well as address any concerns that you might have regarding the pulling of teeth.

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