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How Laser Dental Procedures Can Help with Dental Anxiety


One of the biggest reasons people fear the dentist is the anxiety over the dental drill. It’s large, booming and obnoxious. Believe it or not, there is an easier alternative. Laser dental procedures help eliminate dental anxiety today. By replacing the drill with a quiet laser, making dentist appointments with fear are now a thing in the past.

It is quite common to have some form of fear or anxiety when it comes time to visit the doctor. Dental anxiety comes with fear and often leaves people pain-stricken and terrified. People who exert some sort of dental anxiety will exhibit classic avoidance behavior; that is, to avoid and do everything possible to avoid the dentist. However, with new technological advances, laser dental procedures can help relieve people dealing with dental anxiety.

How does it work

Laser dental procedures, as their name suggests, all work using lasers. These lasers deliver energy in the form of light. When used during surgical or dental procedures, these lasers are used as a cutting instrument to cut or vaporize tissues that the beam may come in contact with. These lasers do not hurt at all and are simply a heat source that is used in the place of a knife.

No more anxiety

The dental laser makes a quiet pulsing sound which will often calm the patient who has anxiety. Is it quite easy to figure out. A quieter appointment will mean a more relaxed appointment. Not having a loud drill in your face will do wonders for anyone with dental anxiety. Sounds can trigger fears or irrational thoughts that can make the patient feel nervous and less at ease. Patients also feel less pain and experience shorter recovery times with laser dental procedures than traditional treatment. Lasers hurt less than a dental drill, are more time efficient and produce less swelling after the dental treatment is completed.

Common uses for lasers

Laser procedures have been used in the dentistry world for multiple decades to treat a ton of dental problems. It is simply an alternate towards traditional treatment with a dental drill or any other procedure. Some common treatments that use dental lasers are for: Tooth decay, gum disease and teeth whitening.

For tooth decay, lasers are used to remove decay around the tooth and prepare the surrounding enamel for the filling later on. For gum disease, lasers are used to reshape and remove bacteria. This is all done during the root canal procedure. Lasers are also used to speed up teeth whitening procedures as well. A solution is applied to the tooth surface and is often traced over with the laser to speed up and activate the process.

Make the change today

Laser dentistry is comfortable and accurate. Replacing a large, scary drill with a quiet laser will help ease anyone with dental anxiety. There are fewer sounds, annoying frictions and vibrations that come with traditional treatment. You are one dental appointment away from a comfortable, anxiety-free experience with the technology of laser dental procedures. As always, consult a dentist to see if laser dentistry is a good and available option for you. You are one phone call away from replacing that large drill with a small and quiet laser.

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