Signs of Good Oral Hygiene

When it comes to oral hygiene, the average person is not exactly sure how to gauge his or her performance aside from the dentist's feedback. There are some common signs that indicate that a person is practicing optimal oral hygiene procedures. Those who notice the signs detailed below are doing their part to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Alternatively, those who do not notice the signs detailed below should consider meeting with their dentist and possibly altering their oral health routine.

What healthy gums look like

Healthy gums do not always look the same. Some people have gums that are naturally darker or lighter in appearance than others. An inspection of the gums that reveals that they are pink as opposed to white or red, firm to the touch and not tender or swollen, likely means that the gums are healthy. Furthermore, if the gums rest flush with the teeth so there are no pockets, flaps or areas that seem to recede from the teeth, the gums are in good shape. Daily flossing help preserves the health of the gums, prevent the formation of pockets and spaces for bacteria to gather.

Odorless breath

If a person's breath naturally lacks an odor or smells nice, he or she is likely practicing excellent oral hygiene. Fresh smelling breath is an indication of an individual who flosses, brushes and rinses with mouthwash. One of the fastest ways to determine if breath smells fresh is to floss between the teeth then smell the result. This quick test gives a good idea as to what breath smells like after the mouthwash and toothpaste are no longer working.

Restorations that stand the test of time

Oral hygiene really does impact the functionality and longevity of dental restorations. For anyone who has had dental repair work done, whether for fillings, crowns, root canals or another procedure, the restorations are usually able to withstand the wear of the chewing process for years, if not decades.

Proper oral hygiene will help keep a person's dental restorations intact and fitting nicely against his or her teeth. This strong seal is necessary to stop bacteria from moving below and spurring tooth decay. Patients who do not have tooth movement, leakage, decay, chips or cracks and enjoy comfortable restorations are doing their part in terms of daily oral hygiene.

How to tell if oral hygiene is enhancing tooth health

For the most part, stainless, crack-free and chip-free teeth that are comfortable tend to be healthy. These teeth are void of cavities, erosion, disease, staining, crookedness, looseness and so on. Teeth should be fully functional, cut through food with ease and ultimately prove painless while talking, eating and drinking.

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