Oral Concerns? What a Healthy Mouth Looks Like

Dental Hygiene

Finding out what a healthy mouth looks like is a good idea for anyone experiencing any dental problems. When a person's mouth is healthy, it is likely that the rest of his or her body is also healthy too. This is why making regular dental checkups is important. Any concerns a person has about his or her mouth should be addressed immediately in case it is something that needs further attention or possible treatment.

Oral concerns

Even when someone brushes and flosses his or her teeth on a daily basis and makes regular dental appointments with a dentist for oral evaluations, there still is a chance that something could happen to the mouth that could be cause for concern. By having a dentist take care of any oral issues that are present, there is always a better chance of success when found early.

What a healthy mouth looks like

The following is a list of the indicators that let someone know that his or her oral health is in good shape:

  • The gums should be pink and firm when touched; not be red, tender or swollen; and there should be no signs of gum disease present
  • Teeth should be firmly in their proper place, and there should be no signs of tooth decay
  • There should be no spaces in between gums and teeth
  • The breath should have a neutral or naturally pleasant smell
  • The tongue should be pink, moist and covered with small nodules
  • They should be no missing teeth
  • The teeth should be straight
  • The teeth should not be worn down due to clenching or grinding
  • The jaw should be in its proper alignment
  • Any dental restorations should be in tip-top shape

Have questions about oral health?

We welcome any questions you about how to have a healthy mouth. If you have any specific oral concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you can. It is important for your oral health to be in tip-top shape.

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