Do Emergency Rooms have Dentists?

Do Emergency Rooms at hospitals have dentists?

Of course, the short answer is no. There are not typically dentists that work in the ER. If you need to see your dentist and have an emergency, it is best is to call your dentist office and find out information about their emergency line. Dentists can typically set you up with an appointment as soon as possible, or get you in contact with the appropriate office.

Keep in mind, if you are bleeding, and it is flowing with little relief after applying pressure or following a dentists instructions, then you will need to head over to the emergency room, this way, the doctors can figure out where the blood is coming from and halt it. However, this is not typically the case with dental emergencies.

Knocked out or chipped teeth

If you knocked your tooth out, chipped it, it's become misaligned, or if it hurts from a possible cavity, you don’t need to panic and head over to your nearest emergency room, but the best thing you can do is pick up the phone, call your dentist, and he or she will see you in a timely matter.

Unless you are uncontrollably bleeding from your mouth, becoming lightheaded, confused, or have an abscess, then you will need to head to the ER. These are extreme circumstances though that are not typical when dealing with dental emergencies.

If you aren’t dealing with these significant issues, then it will save you a substantial amount of money to make a call straight to your dental provider. Your dentist will most likely have an after-hours line and receptionists to pick-up the phone that will schedule your appointment.

If your tooth fell out of your mouth and it no longer fits in the socket that it was in, then you need to rinse the tooth under water and preserve it in tissue.  You can spit on it or add milk, and this will help keep your tooth protected until you can make it back to your dentist for the fix.

Save the knocked out tooth!

The worst thing you can do when you get a tooth knocked out of your mouth, is not to save it. If you don’t keep it, you will need to buy a dental implant; and these are very expensive and take multiple visits to the dentist office to get created and attached.

If your tooth is chipped, save the chipped part of the tooth; use the same method above for a knocked out tooth. No matter what, you always want to protect and preserve whichever tooth falls or get knocked out of your mouth.

Other helpful hints for teeth that hurt

If you are experiencing tooth only slightly hurting, it could be from too much sugar or trapped food. It is advised that you need to try brushing and flossing thoroughly. Perhaps after you do this, the pain will subside. If this doesn’t help the pain, be sure to take over-the-counter Motrin for relief or something similar. Also, try adding fluoride to the tooth, you may be able to remineralize it by placing fluoride directly on the problematic area of your tooth.

If you have an abscess, you could technically take this concern with you to the ER, but if you are looking at saving money, call your dentist’s after hour line and schedule an emergency appointment.

An abscess in your mouth can later poison your body with a blood infection if the infection goes on for too long. You will need antibiotics from a doctor or dentist to resolve this matter.

Contact an Emergency Dentist phone line

Although there is not a dentist onsite at an actual emergency room, this should not deter you from seeking the help that you need if the signs and circumstances warrant the visit to the ER.  

The best thing to do first is to contact your dental office and get the guidance from the office or after hours emergency line on what you should do. Never hesitate to reach out to us if you need questions answered regarding your issues and a possible need for an emergency dental appointment.

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