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Wisdom Teeth and Other Extractions

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last set of molars to develop in an adult mouth, and erupt at the ends of your dental ridges. They are often extracted because, due to insufficient room on your dental ridge, wisdom teeth are prone to complications – mainly, becoming impacted by the teeth already present.

Though wisdom teeth may be the most commonly extracted teeth, others may sometimes pose a significant enough threat to your smile that removing them is the best option.

Can Tooth Extraction Save Your Smile?

Impacted wisdom teeth

When a wisdom tooth becomes impacted against another tooth, it continues to grow and try to erupt from the gum line. The continued growth can cause increasing tooth pain and damage to your other teeth, and extracting the impacted wisdom teeth will be necessary for the sake of your dental health.

Teeth that are extensively damaged

When a tooth is cracked, fractured, or broken, it may be saved with a dental crown, and possibly root canal therapy to eliminate the risk of infection. However, if the damage grows worse, or is too severe to begin with, a crown may not be enough, and the tooth might need to be extracted and replaced.

Severely infected teeth

Severe infection can occur if the decay progresses into the tooth’s root, or if the tooth is damaged enough to directly expose its pulp to oral bacteria. If a tooth filling or root canal therapy cannot save the tooth, then it will have to be extracted so the infection can be stopped before spreading further.

Teeth with cracked or broken roots

Unlike the crown of a tooth, its root is deeply anchored in your jawbone. If the root becomes cracked, fractured, or broken, then your dentist will not be able to restore it. To prevent inflammation, infection, and other complications, the tooth and its root will have to be removed as soon as possible.

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