Do You Need a New Smile?

Perhaps you have always wanted a new smile, and that is reasonable. Your first move would probably be to consult one or multiple dentists, ask friends, or even search on Google. One fact you will soon discover is that there are tons of information. This makes finding what you really want almost impossible.

Three options to attain a new smile

If you want to improve your smile, many treatment procedures can give you a beautiful, healthy, and fully functional dentition. This article covers some of the options available and essential tips you should know about them.

1. Teeth-whitening

Teeth-whitening procedures are designed to make your current teeth whiter in a short time. Our teeth often get stained or discolored when we consume food or beverages like coffee, red wine or tea. Teeth-whitening can help transform the teeth’s appearance and enhance the teeth’s color.

The dentist may perform whitening in the office or create custom trays that you can use at home for whitening your teeth. It is easy and straightforward, yet it works excellently for beautifying your smile.

What to note: Teeth whitening can cause teeth sensitivity particularly among people with exposed roots and receding gums. Using desensitizers in teeth-whitening procedures can help to reduce sensitivity or stop it entirely.

Also, teeth-whitening is not usually useful on teeth with existing dental restoration like fillings, crowns or veneers. The reason is that only natural teeth are responsive to whitening. The materials used in making the fillings, or other restorations, are not. This means if you have had lots of dental work done, especially in the front teeth, then this option is not suitable for you.

2. Orthodontics

Orthodontics involves the use of braces or aligners to shift abnormally-placed teeth to their proper position and straighten crooked teeth. Before, metal braces were the only orthodontic options available. Now there are invisible aligners such as Invisalign for moving the teeth comfortably and conveniently without having to endure uncomfortable, metal braces.

What to note: If you just want to straighten your teeth, then this option is great. However, if you are not pleased with the shape and size of your teeth, orthodontics is not the solution. In many cases, patients with crooked teeth are dissatisfied with the physical appearance of their teeth too. In such instances, orthodontics, combined with crowns or veneers may be required to get the desired smile.

3. Crowns and veneers

If you have dental decay, deteriorating dental fillings, or discolored crowns, then you can get a new smile by getting new crowns or veneers on the teeth. With the materials available today, it is possible to recreate teeth with a natural and pleasing appearance. In about two dental appointments, the dentist can change your smile to have a more healthy and appealing look.

What to note: Crowns and veneers are generally more expensive than most dental restorations. The price is typically based on the number of teeth involved, the current condition of your teeth and how much of the teeth you want to show when you smile.

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