Denture Implants: Benefits, Cost & Types

Having a damaged or missing tooth is a common problem among adults. Thankfully, denture implants facilitate dental health by replacing lost teeth. While it may seem normal to lose teeth over the years, there are certain challenges that come with teeth loss. Losing teeth could pose health problems, like difficulty in eating and bone loss. Losing one tooth affects the alignment of the other teeth, which may cause them to shift or bend.

What are denture implants?

A denture implant involves securing a titanium base on the patient's jaw. The titanium base mimics the root of a tooth. It secures the replacement tooth to the jawbone to ensure that the tooth is firm. Upon surgically implanting the titanium base into the jawbone, a base where the denture will be fixed is created. It has a joint that the dentist mounts the replacement teeth on.

Benefits of denture implants

Dentures are the most affordable solution when it comes to replacing teeth, while implants are one of the pricier options. Implant-supported dentures are right in the middle.

1. Long lasting

Compared to tooth fillings and bridges, a denture implant is more durable. According to the American Journal of Public Health, denture implants should last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

2. Dentures preserve adjacent teeth

Losing a tooth affects the other teeth surrounding it, causing them to shift toward the gap. Inserting a denture implant where a tooth is missing prevents further damage on the adjacent teeth.

3. Resembles natural teeth

There is no way to differentiate a denture implant from natural teeth. For that reason, it boosts the wearer's self-esteem, since the person does not have to worry about friends noticing the prosthetic.

Cost of denture implants

When it comes to denture implants, costs may vary, but generally speaking, the prices are more affordable than those of implants. The cost is determined by the number of implants that the patient needs. As a rule of thumb, the more implants a person requires, the more expensive the procedure becomes.

It is important to consider that fewer implants mean poor teeth stability. It is therefore important to try and strike a balance between the patient's budget and the quality of the prosthetic.

Types of denture implants

There are two main types of denture implants, which include:

1. Implant-supported dentures

This is a type of denture where the crown sits on four titanium implants. This type of denture does not require bone grafting, since the dentist mounts the implants on the areas with the most bone tissue on the person's jaw. The replacement teeth are often mounted the same day the implants are installed.

2. Implant-supported bridges

This perhaps is one of the most natural teeth replacements one can get, making it a popular option. This type of denture comprises of porcelain bridges that are identical to natural teeth. The biggest advantage of this type of dentures is that it does not rest on the gums, making it more comfortable.

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