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Why A Tooth Extraction?

womanworriedAre you unsure why we might suggest a tooth extraction for your smile but you know that this restorative dentistry treatment is sometimes extremely important? The good news is that you don’t need to worry about receiving the recommendation for tooth removal – it’s a beneficial procedure that sets your oral health on track toward exceptional improvement. Give us a moment to explain why you might need an extraction to remove any element of mystery or surprise.

Your Tooth Is Damaged

Teeth can become damaged due to a variety of issues, from accidental trauma to serious decay or even infection. When something is seriously wrong, we always begin by attempting to rectify the problem with other restorative treatments that may save your tooth (such as a dental filling, dental crown, or root canal treatment). When none of these treatments will rescue your tooth, we may remove it with a tooth extraction to help you avoid additional complications (and to set the stage for replacement).

Your Tooth Is Going To Cause Damage

In some instances, your tooth is threatening to damage the teeth and other structures that surround it. This may include a severe infection that may turn into an abscess – a ruptured abscess spreads infection, which may lead to a widespread need for cleanup and additional (and costly) restorative care. Or, an impacted or improperly developing wisdom tooth may threaten the alignment or health of your teeth – by removing it with a tooth extraction, we help you avoid considerable damage, discomfort, and the need for additional treatments.

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