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What Protection Does a Mouthguard Provide?

dentist Las ColinasThere are many types of mouthguards and different reasons for wearing one. Whether you are an athlete looking to provide dental protection while engaging in sports or someone that suffers from bruxism that is seeking relief from the pressures caused from clenching and grinding, our dentist serving Las Colinas has the answers for you.

In many contact sports from peewee to professional, wearing a mouthguard has become mandatory. In addition to protecting the teeth and gums, a properly fitted mouthguard can prevent injuries to the soft tissues in your mouth including lips and the tongue. The key here is making sure the mouthguard fits properly. Your dentist will play an integral role in making sure you have the appropriate mouthguard for the intended activity.

People of all ages can benefit from wearing a mouthguard. Daily activities like riding a bike or working out can result in a fall that could leave you with a chipped or broken tooth. You don’t have to play a contact sport to suffer from a dental injury.

Other reasons your dentist might recommend a mouthguard include the prevention of clenching and grinding your teeth. Many people who suffer from bruxism could receive relief by wearing a mouthguard during sleep. This type of mouthguard is commonly referred to as a nightguard and it works to prevent the wearer from clenching and grinding their teeth during the night when the activity is done subconsciously.

Bruxism can be due to stress, but is often attributed to dental malocclusion. This means that the teeth do not align properly leading to grinding and clenching. The dental result can be excess wear and tear on the teeth that can lead to more serious dental problems like dental decay and TMJ related issues. A properly fitted nightguard allows the wearer to relax the jaw throughout the night preventing grinding and clenching.

There are several types of mouthguards available. Most are made from plastic and come in all price ranges. The mouthguards that are available over the counter in drug stores and sporting goods stores can be ill fitting. Wearing a poorly fitting mouthguard might not offer the protection needed and can make breathing and talking more difficult.

Our team at Active Dental can make a mouthguard to address your specific needs. Whether you want to protect your mouth while engaging in activities throughout the day or you need to protect your teeth during sleep, we will be able to provide a customized fit to protect your smile.

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