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What is sedation dentistry?

DDS IrvingYou haven’t had a dental exam in years, and now you’re embarrassed to think you have been afraid to visit the dentist. You now have a toothache, and realize the time has come to put your fear and anxiety aside and make an appointment with your DDS serving Irving TX.

Thankfully, when you arrive for your appointment you discover that your fears were truly unfounded. Your dentist now has sedation dentistry available. What does this mean to you?

No more needles. No more anxiety. No more endless hours trying to sit quietly while your dental provider works hard to correct your dental issues.

Based on your needed treatment, sedation dentistry can offer total sedation for oral surgery needs all the way to conscious sedation. There are dental procedures where the patient needs to be conscious to cooperate with the dental provider. In this situation, the patient is provided with medications which will sedate them, and although awake during the procedure, many patients report that they cannot even recall their dental appointment.

There are many advantages to oral sedation. No needles, so “freezing” and wearing off of the anesthetic are not factors. For lengthy dental treatment where staying seated or reclined for an extended period is difficult, oral sedation provides an alternative.

But for the millions of patients that are fearful of seeing the dentist for treatment as benign as a professional cleaning and exam, sedation dentistry is the solution that many seek. No more anxious moments in the dental chair means the chance to once again enjoy healthy teeth and gums.

Not all dental offices are able to provide this wonderful service. The dental provider must complete extensive training; and the equipment and staff needed for the safe operation and monitoring of patients during dental procedures using sedation dentistry must be readily present.

The patient does require transportation to and from their appointment, and requires someone to stay with them for several hours upon returning home.

If you are a patient that has put off seeing your dental provider because you have waited years for a professional cleaning and now think “it’s no use to bother now,” the time has come to make that needed appointment. After all, good dental health predicates good overall health. Your next dental exam is as easy as a phone call to our dentists at Active Dental who offer sedation dentistry.

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