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What Causes You to Grind Your Teeth?

what causes you to grind your teethBruxism describes the habit of clenching and grinding your teeth, and patients often aren’t aware of the condition when it occurs. Stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration are common causes for teeth-grinding, as well as certain dental issues that affect how your teeth and jawbone are aligned. Regardless of its cause, however, the pressure from bruxism can prove destructive to the health and integrity of your bite. If you sustain dental damage because you habitually grind your teeth, then your dentist can restore the damage and help you put a stop to the habit.

The Common Causes of Bruxism

Negative emotions, such as anger and stress, can cause the muscles in your body to tense, including those that control your jaw’s movement. Feeling cold or experiencing pain can also cause your jaw to clench involuntarily. Random moments of grinding don’t typically pose a threat to healthy teeth, which are coated with the most resilient substance the body produces (tooth enamel).

If your bite is imbalanced, your teeth can constantly grind together as the jaw adjusts for the inconsistency. Aside from stress, common causes for bruxism include TMJ disorder (a dysfunction in the jaw’s joints), an abnormal bite, or crooked or missing teeth.

Stop Teeth Grinding

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth during the day, you can consciously force yourself to stop. For instance, placing the tip of your tongue between your front teeth will force them to refrain from clamping down. Unfortunately, bruxism resulting from a bite imbalance or other dental issue typically occurs while you’re asleep.

If exhibit signs of the habit, such as tooth wear and damage, then your dentist can perform a comprehensive examination to determine if bruxism is present. Depending on its cause, your dentist can prescribe an appropriate form of treatment to restore your bite’s balance, allowing the jaw to rest more comfortably and reduce the risk of grinding. Treatment often includes a custom-designed mouthguard that you can wear at night to protect your teeth from grinding against each other.

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