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Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping (Bonding/Contouring)

We want you to enjoy the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile, and we want you to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. With cosmetic tooth bonding and contouring, we can dramatically improve your smile’s esthetic appeal with little or no permanent alterations to your natural tooth structure. For patients with one or several minor cosmetic issues, bonding and contouring is often the most conservative cosmetic treatment option.

What Bonding & Contouring Mean

Tooth bonding is the process of adding tooth-colored composite resin to a tooth’s outer surface. The material is bonded to the tooth’s surface, and then sculpted to blend in with the tooth’s contour. Once hardened, the resin closely resembles your tooth’s appearance and texture, and bonding can be applied to correct several different kinds of blemishes, including;

  • Severe tooth stains/discoloration
  • Chipped tooth edges
  • Minor cracks in tooth enamel
  • Teeth that seem too small or slightly misshapen
  • Noticeable spaces between teeth
  • And more

Tooth contouring, or recontouring, is the artistic reshaping of a tooth’s structure through light, careful enamel sculpting. When a tooth has a jagged edge, an edge that overlaps the tooth next to it, or appears slightly larger than the teeth next to it, contouring can offer a minimally-invasive solution.

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