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Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be very uncomfortable, making it difficult to eat or drink certain foods. Fortunately, our dentist in Grand Prairie can offer solutions that will reduce or eliminate sensitivity, allowing you to eat and drink in comfort again.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is important to bring it to the attention of your dentist. Not only can your dentist help you with the issue, but he can also determine if the sensitivity is occurring as the result of another underlying problem that might be more serious.

Some causes of tooth sensitivity include:

  • Decay
  • Exposure of the tooth root
  • Thin tooth enamel
  • Gum disease
  • Infection
  • Injury

In many cases, tooth sensitivity occurs at the gum line because the gum has receded slightly and is exposing part of the tooth root. Damage to the tooth, even minor damage leading to wearing down of the enamel, can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Infection within the tooth can also cause sensitivity, and can be a serious issue that must be treated promptly.

Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

If the gum line has receded a great deal, this could be a result of periodontal disease, and should be treated before the tooth becomes loose or must be removed. If the sensitivity is not due to a problem with the gums, the dentist can apply a special fluoride treatment that protects the sensitive portion of the tooth.

If the tooth has been injured, is infected, or there is damage to the tooth root, the dentist might need to perform a root canal, apply a crown, or remove the tooth entirely. Infection can spread to other areas of the body, and so should be treated promptly before systemic issues develop.

In any case where your teeth are suddenly sensitive, or more sensitive than they have been in the past, it is important to bring this to the attention of your dentist. Regardless of the cause of the sensitivity, the dentist can offer a solution that will reduce your discomfort and help maintain the health of your teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, call our office at 972-606-2999 to learn how we can help.