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Invisalign Cases:

Case 1

Treatment: Invisalign

Both the upper and lower teeth in this patient’s smile were uneven. Using Invisalign, we were able to correct his smile in approximately a year’s time.

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Case 2

Treatment: Invisalign

Here we see how Invisalign improved the alignment of our patient’s smile. Treatment took around 20 months for optimal results.


Case 3

Treatment: Invisalign

This patient had an open bite in the front, which meant he had trouble bringing those teeth together. With Invisalign, we were able to close those gaps and improve alignment in about 18 months.

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Cosmetic Cases:

Case 4

Treatment: Porcelain Crowns

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of he front teeth. We were able to fix her upper teeth with porcelain crowns. As you can see, this completely changed her smile.

case4case4-3 case4-2case4-4

Case 5

Treatment: Porcelain Crowns

This patient was unhappy with her smile’s appearance. We also found several cavities. We were able to correct these issues with porcelain crowns on the front teeth, which lengthened, brightened, and repaired them.

case5-3case5-2 case5

Case 6

Treatment: Composite Fillings

This patient really wanted something done about the gap in her smile. We were able to close the gap with composite fillings on the upper and lower front teeth.


Case 7

Treatment: All-on-4 Implant Bridges

This patient was told he would need to have all of his teeth fixed. To repair the broken down teeth and replace the missing ones we created an upper and lower All-on-4 implant bridge.

case6-2case6-1   case6-4case6-3 case6

Case 8

Treatment: KoR At-Home Whitening

This patient really wanted a brighter smile. After using KoR Whitening from home, the patient obtained a whiter smile in just two weeks.


Case 9

Treatment: KoR At-Home Whitening

This patient was unhappy with the discoloration on her teeth. We sent her home with the KoR Whitening kit and she returned two weeks later with significantly brighter teeth.

case8-2case8-4  case8case8-3


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