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Should You Choose Veneers?

questionstickiesIf you know that you want to improve your smile, you certainly need cosmetic dentistry to achieve your goals. While porcelain veneers offer exceptional benefits, you do not necessarily need them for your particular concerns. So, how to know whether veneers are the right choice for you or if you could attain just as beautiful a smile by relying on a different treatment? Of course, the way to the final answer is to schedule a consultation with our team. As for the details of who may benefit most from veneers, we encourage you to consider some helpful information.

Choose Veneers If You Want Major Changes

What do you think about as you stare at your smile in the mirror? Just that you wish it were whiter? If so, you might only need whitening. Just that it were straighter? If so, you may only need Invisalign treatment. Or, do you think to yourself that you wish your smile looked whiter, straighter, that your tooth shape was more flattering, that the texture of some of your teeth could be better? If you want to make big changes –multiple ones at that – porcelain veneers may be a wonderful solution.

Choose Veneers When Whitening Won’t Cut It

Another fitting reason to consider porcelain veneers is a desire for whitening when traditional teeth whitening won’t cut it. In some instances, this may be the result of significant staining that (even after whitening) will potentially leave you with a dim smile. Or, you may have very deep, internal staining that whitening simply cannot reach or address. Veneers camouflage your smile, rather than making physical changes to your tissue itself, for excellent results.

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