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When Root Canal Therapy is Necessary

When tooth decay strikes, it progresses through your tooth’s main structure, or dentin, until the infection is stopped and the tooth is restored with a tooth filling. In more severe cases of decay, the infection may reach the nerves and blood vessels at the center of the tooth, in a chamber known as the pulp. A tooth’s pulp chamber is connected to its root canal, which travels under your gums and into your jawbone. When the pulp is infected, root canal therapy may be the only way to eliminate the internal tooth infection and stop it from spreading through the root canal.

What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy

Internal tooth decay can cause severe levels of discomfort, sometimes leading to fatigue, fever, and other symptoms of physical illness. Root canal therapy alleviates this discomfort while restoring the tooth’s strength, integrity, and ability to function.

  • Before your procedure begins, your dentist will numb the tooth and the area around it by administering local anesthesia. If you’re anxious about the procedure, then we may also recommend an appropriate form of dental sedation.
  • To perform root canal therapy, Patel will carefully access the interior of the tooth to clean the infected tissues from the pulp and root canal. Then, your dentist will reinforce the root canal by filling and sealing it with a safe, rubber-like material (gutta percha).
  • After the root canal is sealed, your dentist will fill the tooth’s cavity with tooth-colored composite resin or ceramic to strengthen its structure. You might also receive a dental crown over the tooth for additional protection, and to restore the tooth’s healthy, attractive appearance.

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