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Q&A: Why Do I Need Preventive Visits?

whyrainbowAre you curious about why we suggest you schedule preventive visits with us two times a year if you are already doing a spectacular job with your dental hygiene at home? It’s true! Even if you are performing effective care on your own, you still need to spend time at our practice every six months. We would like to offer you answers to specific, frequently asked questions as a way of opening up a conversation about this topic. For remaining questions, feel free to ask the next time we see you.

Questions and Answers: Prevention

Question: Why do I need to see you if I take care of my oral health at home?

Answer: While you may be brushing and flossing every day, that does not mean you’re doing it correctly. Skipping preventive appointments will allow you to continue caring for your smile improperly. One reason to see us is so that we may keep you on track with guidance and suggestions for home hygiene.

Question: What if I am taking care of my smile correctly? Do I still need to see you?

Answer: You need preventive visits because you cannot completely care for your smile on your own – tartar will develop on your teeth. The only option for removal of tartar (hardened plaque) is a cleaning with our practice.

Question: What happens during a preventive visit that makes it so essential?

Answer: This is not just a visit to clean your teeth, though it will include a professional cleaning. It is also a dental checkup that includes an oral cancer screening. Preventive care with us is important because we can identify changes early, which we may then treat before they lead to damage.

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