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Q&A: Root Canal Terms

q&arainbowHave you been reading about root canal therapy? Do you understand why the treatment is necessary – perhaps you are even excited that there’s a way to save your infected tooth – but you wish you had a better understanding of the terms you come across as you learn about the procedure? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have during your visit. For now, however, we have collected some commonly used terms to help you along as you become educated regarding this restorative treatment that will rescue your oral health.

Dental Pulp

This is the pulp – or soft tissue – that lines the inside of your tooth. The pulp contains blood vessels. The vessels transport blood into and out of your tooth, which ensures your tooth receives nutrients and oxygen. As a result, it keeps your tooth alive and well. We will remove this tissue along with other internal tooth tissues and nerves because once harmed or infected, it cannot heal.

Gutta Percha

After your root canal therapy, your tooth is open on either side. We will need to seal your roots, so the inside of your tooth remains healthy. We will seal the crown of your tooth, too. To seal your roots, we use a rubbery substance known as gutta percha. For the rest of your tooth, we may fill it with composite (similar to a dental filling) and then cover the tooth with a dental crown.


You may hear us explain that you need root canal therapy to prevent the infection in your tooth from abscessing. This occurs when the pressure from the infection is too severe and a pus pocket forms on the tip of your roots. This is uncomfortable and may lead to a rupture, which can spread infection into surrounding tissues.

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