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Q&A: Dental Extractions

questionsanswerssignAre you completely fine with the idea of restorative treatments that repair your existing tooth – but there’s something about dental extractions that causes you some anxiety? Rest easy, this restorative service helps you achieve optimal oral health after even significant problems with a tooth. However, we understand that the removal of one of your teeth can cause some uncertainty. To increase your comfort and confidence, we invite you to take note of some advice-filled questions and answers.

Questions and Answers: Extractions

Question: Why are you performing a dental extraction? Can’t you rely on one of the other restorative treatments you offer?

Answer: We have selected an extraction because the other restorative services cannot address the problem with your tooth. The only time we make this conservative decision is when it our only option for restoring your oral health.

Question: Is it going to be uncomfortable? I’m really anxious about the treatment itself.

Answer: Like we explain for any other service we provide, you can feel calm and relaxed about your upcoming appointment. First, remember that we will numb the tooth and nearby tissues with a local anesthetic. Second, we also offer a full array of sedation choices (nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation) to ensure you feel wholly at ease.

Question: What will happen once I heal? Can I ever expect my smile to be complete again?

Answer: Of course! After the site has healed, we can replace your missing tooth. We offer a full range of prosthetics, including bridges, dental implants, and dentures.

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