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Keeping Plaque and Tartar Under Control

Plaque and tartar are precursors to tooth decay. When bacteria devour the sugars and other food particles left behind on your teeth, the byproduct is a sticky substance that hardens on the teeth. If left untreated, this sticky substance, also referred to as plaque, will eventually turn into tartar. Plaque is softer than tartar, but both substances are highly acidic, leading to decay. Our dentist in Las Colinas can help you prevent buildup of plaque and tartar, thus greatly reducing the occurrence of tooth decay.

Everyday Oral Hygiene

The most effective way to keep plaque and tartar under control is through everyday hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing. Brushing your teeth cleans both food particles and developing plaque from the tooth surfaces. Flossing clears these substances from between the teeth and under the gum line.

In order for everyday hygiene to be its most effective, it is important to use the proper technique. If you are not sure if your brushing and flossing technique is the best in can be, consult with our dentistry team. They can demonstrate the best way to brush and floss, as well as recommend the best kind of toothbrush and floss for your individual needs.

Regular Dental Visits

Regular visits to the dentist are also important to keep plaque and tartar under control. Your dentist provides thorough cleaning with special tools that can remove tartar that is resistant to brushing alone. The dentist can also evaluate your oral hygiene to be sure your everyday care is effective. With guidance from the dentist, you can improve your oral care.

Dental visits also involve X-rays and exams to evaluate your overall oral health. If tartar has built up under the gum line, the dentist will discover this by evaluating your gums, and will recommend treatment if necessary. This kind of plaque buildup can lead to gum disease, which in turn can lead to tooth loss, so it is important to visit the dentist regularly to monitor plaque and tartar buildup that affects the health of your gums. Combining effective everyday care with regular dental visits will help you keep plaque and tartar under control, and ensure that your teeth remain strong and healthy for many years to come.