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How Do You Treat A Cavity?

patelcavityStudies show that only about 1-2% of the population is immune to dental caries. For the rest of us, cavities are more likely to occur. How do you treat a cavity? Fortunately, we can use preventive dentistry to reduce the risk of them developing in the first place. We can also recommend restorative dentistry to treat them and return the tooth to full function and health.

How Do You Know If You Need to Treat a Cavity?

A cavity forms when harmful bacteria can reach the more sensitive tooth structure beneath the enamel. Injury and poor oral hygiene are common factors that weaken or damage tooth enamel. When tooth decay forms, you may encounter tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. As the decay continues to grow, you may notice a persistent toothache. Don’t ignore discomfort. Instead, contact the doctor to discuss possible treatment options.

Dental Fillings

In a majority of cases we can treat decay with a dental filling. Using a lifelike and metal-free composite resin, we can place fillings that look natural. In addition, these composite fillings also last longer and reduce the risk of re-infection when compared to traditional metal restorations. The entire procedure can be completed in a single visit.

Dental Crown

If the decay is severe or the tooth has become damaged we may place a dental crown. The crown fits over the entire tooth to prevent further decay or infection. We may use all-porcelain or possibly porcelain-fused-to-metal to restore the tooth. If you have any questions about our dental restorations then contact our office today.


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