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Gummy Smile? Reshape It.

smilenudelipscloseupWhen you want a whiter smile, you know to speak with us about whitening options. If you want an exceptional makeover, patients often think veneers may be the way to go. But – what do you do when your teeth look too short or you see too much of your gum tissue when you smile? In many instances, patients continue to assume there is something wrong with their teeth when, in fact, reshaping the gum tissue that frames their teeth is the answer. Ready to learn more? Become familiar with gum recontouring and you may discover you have found the treatment for your needs.

Potential Smile Issues

The most common problem we hear about from patients is a “gummy smile” or a smile that reveals too much gum tissue in proportion to the amount of visible tooth tissue. For some, this makes a patient assume his or her teeth are too short. We also speak with patients who are unhappy with the asymmetrical appearance of their smiles – this may occur due to gum tissue that has develop in an uneven manner. Fortunately, we can address these esthetic concerns with a cosmetic treatment called gum recontouring.

About Recontouring

While it may sound complex, reshaping your gum tissue is actually a simple procedure that we will complete with the use of a soft-tissue laser. We may either lift your gumline to reveal longer-looking teeth (and less gum tissue when you smile) – or, we will remove strategic portions of your gum tissue to establish a symmetrical, balanced smile. Due to the use of laser technology (rather than manual instruments), we can achieve gum recontouring quickly, with great precision, and patients will typically not require stitches.


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