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Brian F – “By far the best dental office experience I’ve ever had!”
“The level of customer service I received was amazing. The staff was extremely professional,responsive to my needs, and knowledgeable. They were extremely patient with me and made sure I didn’t leave until they addressed every concern I had. I’ve often gone to dentists where the staff are friendly but the doctors wont do anything but introduce themselves. Dr. Patel is definitely not in that category. Once you meet him, you quickly see that he sets the tone in the office. He is one of the most personable doctors I’ve ever met. He is extremely passionate about his patients and wants to ensure they have the best experience possible. I’m so thankful that I chose Active Dental for my general dentistry and orthodontic needs.”
Heather H – “Before going to them, I HATED going to the dentist.”
I have been seeing Dr. Patel for several years now. Dr Patel and his staff have provided the best dental experience for me. Before going to them, I HATED going to the dentist. I have had a pleasant experience every time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They explain things in ways that make sense. They make the experience comfortable. Dr Patel is friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had to wait long to get in and am out before I know it. They have never pressured me to do a treatment that I don’t need and have explained all options to me. Dr Patel and his staff have made me not dread going to the dentist….which is huge. I highly recommend them!!!

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