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Electronic toothbrush: A great weapon against plaque formation

dentist 75063You brush your teeth twice a day as recommended by your dentist, and believe you are doing the best job possible. But there really is more you could be doing, and our dentist serving the 75063 area can tell you how.

When you brush your teeth manually, the amount of pressure you use as you brush might be doing more harm than good. Improper brushing can result in the premature breakdown of your teeth’s enamel as well as possibly contributing to gum recession. Continuous pressure with a brush, whether or not you are using a soft bristle brush, can cause gum tissue damage that will not regenerate.

With an electronic toothbrush, brushing becomes consistent. Additionally, due to the pulse action that most electronic toothbrushes produce, plaque is attacked with the correct pressure and speed. Your dentist will be able to see the difference in your first visit.

You might wonder how using an electronic toothbrush versus a manual toothbrush can make that much difference. Think of the continual use of the electronic toothbrush as the closest thing to a professional cleaning like you would get from your dental provider. The manual brushing you do does not produce the same result that helps to remove stubborn plaque.

The leading cause of plaque build-up is bacteria in the mouth. The electronic toothbrush powers through bacteria helping to decrease the formation of plaque.

Other advantages of an electronic toothbrush:

  • Most include a built-in timer which results in brushing the recommended amount of time each time you brush. With a manual toothbrush, you might think you are brushing for two minutes, but in reality could be much less.
  • Can help reduce stain due to tobacco products and caffeine like coffee, tea, or even wine.
  • Since an electronic toothbrush helps to prevent plaque build-up, you are going to also be helping to prevent gum related issues like gingivitis or periodontal disease.
  • By keeping your gum tissue healthier and eliminating bacteria, you also will be avoiding the prospect of bad breath.

One thing to definitely consider is that the consistent use of an electronic toothbrush will offer many benefits you cannot afford to ignore. There is a wide range of electronic toothbrushes available on the market today so consult with our team at Active Dental for guidance in selecting the best product to suit your dental needs and budget.

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