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Do You Have Questions About Bonding?

questionmarkyellowDo you have some questions about dental bonding, for which you would prefer answers before you say, “Okay” to treatment? No problem – we are here to explain the treatments that catch your attention, so you can make educated, confident decisions for your smile. Fortunately, when it comes to bonding, you will find that there aren’t any disappointing surprises. This cosmetic solution for esthetic problems will provide effective, convenient care, so your smile looks much more attractive as a result.

Questions and Answers: Bonding

Question: How long will dental bonding take? Am I going to have to be in your office for several visits?

Answer: Most patients will find that bonding is extremely kind to their schedules. In addition to the fact that you will likely require just one appointment with us, that visit is not going to be very long. After approximately a half an hour to an hour, your improvement will be complete.

Question: What is my tooth going to look like after dental bonding? Should I expect it to look better yet somewhat artificial?

Answer: No, don’t expect an artificial finish. The goal of our cosmetic treatments is to address the problem, while leaving you with a smile that looks completely natural. The improvement will remain undetectable (except for the fact that esthetic concern will suddenly no longer be present).

Question: How will I know if I qualify for bonding?

Answer: In most instances, patients qualify for dental bonding. Reasons you may not qualify include a need for restorative treatment (that, once completed, will then restore your candidacy) or the desire to improve a prosthetic (which we cannot accomplish with bonding).

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