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Dental Health and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and important time, during which you want to be sure you are as healthy as possible to help ensure the health of your baby. This includes paying close attention to your dental health. Our Irving dental office can help keep your mouth and teeth healthy during the length of your pregnancy, and can help you deal with issues that often occur as a result of changes in your body as you carry a child.

Issues Specific to Pregnancy

The hormonal and body changes brought about by pregnancy can affect your teeth in ways you probably did not expect. For example, pregnancy hormones cause the ligaments throughout the body to become more loose. This helps ease delivery, but it can also lead to loose teeth. If your teeth feel loose, this does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the teeth or that you are suffering from gum disease. However, if you notice issues such as this, it is important to bring them to the attention of your dentist.

Gum disease is also more prevalent during pregnancy. If you have any symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease, be sure to consult your dentist for treatment. Untreated gum disease can affect the health of your baby. In addition, tooth decay can be more likely to occur during pregnancy. This is because of higher levels of acid in your mouth. Persistent morning sickness can make this situation worse.

Changes to Dental Care During Pregnancy

While it is important to maintain regular dental care while you are pregnant, it is also important to make necessary changes to your dental regimen. Because your unborn baby is growing and developing so quickly, you should avoid X-rays during the course of your pregnancy. Although the amount of radiation released by X-rays is low, it could cause problems with a rapidly developing fetus. Fluoride exposure should also be monitored, since too much fluoride in your system could lead to permanent stains on your baby’s teeth as they develop. Any concerns about your own or your baby’s health due to dental care should be discussed in detail with your dentist.

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