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Dental Contouring 101

smileneutralAre you interested in addressing little concerns with your smile with the aid of cosmetic dentistry? Have you recently learned about bonding but what you need is less tooth tissue in certain areas – not more? If so, we suggest that you begin learning more about dental contouring, the “companion treatment” to bonding. Rather than building up or camouflaging your tooth, we will make minor adjustments by taking away an extraordinarily small amount of your dental tissue for improved esthetic value.

Becoming Familiar With Dental Contouring

Contouring is a process that you might think of as “subtractive” because we will be taking away tissue, rather than adding it. Many patients immediately wonder if this is safe and comfortable – the answer is yes on both accounts. First, we will take a closer look at your enamel thickness with digital X-rays, so we can carefully remove tissue without damaging your tooth. Next, we will use a gentle handheld device that will delicately smooth away tooth tissue where you require a bit less. You can expect to complete this wallet-friendly treatment within one visit.

How Contouring May Benefit Your Smile

If you choose dental contouring, you will find that you may make a single change or numerous improvements that can have a significantly positive impact on your smile’s beauty. Those potential benefits include the following:

  • We can smooth down rough or pointed teeth
  • Contouring will gently align the appearance of mildly overlapping teeth
  • We can shorten the length of a tooth that appears much longer than surrounding teeth
  • We can address cosmetic cracks, chips, and problems with texture


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