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Dental Bonding 101

womanlaughingcloseupHave you been seeking out options to address small issues that disrupt the beauty of your smile? Do you often wish you could just grow a bit more tooth tissue in particular areas to repair minor esthetic damage? If what you need is to create the illusion of additional tooth tissue for a more uniform, attractive smile, we suggest you learn more about dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment is quite easy to understand, addresses a multitude of concerns, and is even known for its budget friendliness.

Understanding Dental Bonding

Bonding is a process through which we “add” more tissue to your tooth or teeth. This cosmetic treatment is something you can think of as “additive.” We always build up or cover areas with bonding, rather than remove tissue (which we accomplish with contouring). To complete this treatment, we will customize the color of a moldable material called composite, which is made up of synthetic acrylic resin. We will sculpt a three-dimensional shape, lay the material flat over your tooth, or place it between teeth. Once we set and polish the composite, your tooth will look improved (and completely natural).

What We Can Achieve With Bonding

Ask yourself what you dislike about your smile and where you need more tissue – this is the goal of dental bonding. In general, we can achieve the following:

  • We may fill gaps between teeth
  • We can elongate a tooth that looks shorter than neighboring teeth
  • We may repair a small chip or cover a minor crack
  • We will cover up a stain or discolored tooth
  • We can improve an awkwardly shaped tooth for a flattering finish


Dr. Kalpesh Patel, Dr. Jason Strickland, and the talented staff at Active Dental make every patient feel as though they are family. We want you to look forward to visiting our office. In addition to the highly personalized treatment we provide, our office is also packed with amenities (like Netflix during your treatment!) and is designed with a strong focus on patient comfort. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel or Dr. Strickland, call Active Dental in Irving, TX today at 972-556-0600, or in Grand Prairie, TX at 972-606-2999.