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Common Questions About Dental Care

questionanswerpuzzleAre you wondering about particular details when it comes to your dental hygiene at home? We understand that it’s often the little things that can trip you up as you do your best to streamline your efforts and provide yourself with the best care possible. Rather than search the web for answers, we always encourage you to mention your thoughts during your visits. Whether it’s a complicated question or something very simple, we are always here to offer our expert opinion or the facts you need. Let’s begin by reviewing some common questions we receive quite frequently.

“Should I floss before I brush or after I brush?”

This is so simple that you will remember it for the rest of your life. For dental hygiene that protects your oral health, you should be flossing at least once a day. You are permitted, of course, to floss twice if you so wish. As for the order of things, you are free to floss before or after you brush, according to your preferences.

“Should I really look to see if a product has been accepted by the ADA?”

Yes, you really should go ahead and see if the dental hygiene product you have been using or are about to purchase has been accepted by the American Dental Association. When you see this seal on your product, you know that it has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it will provide you with the plaque removal you require for effective care. Remember, this applies to toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and more.

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