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A healthy mouth is a gateway to a healthy body

dentist Grand PrairieTruer words were never spoken. If you think about it, if you have a toothache or something else going wrong in your mouth, you don’t feel 100%. Our dentist serving Grand Prairie can provide you the proper guidance to achieving a very healthy mouth.

The obvious recommendations that your dentist would point out is the need for a professional cleaning and exam twice each year. In addition, flossing daily and brushing at least twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste or gel are high on the list of things you should do.

But for many, the correlation between keeping our teeth and gums healthy and maintaining good overall health does not connect. A proper diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and nutrients is great to maintain a healthy body. But if you are unable to eat due to tooth loss or any dental deficiency, this can impact your diet and overall good health.

For most, it is essential to get eight hours of sleep each night. But how many times have you been awakened with mouth or jaw pain because you are grinding or clenching your teeth. This can create sleep deprivation, which eventually will take a toll on the body. Grinding or clenching can have many origins from stress overload to an improper bite. A dental visit can provide the answer.

Exercise is foremost in helping to maintain a healthy body. But working out, jogging or even walking can be very difficult if you are experiencing a dental problem. Even something as soothing as taking a bath or reading a good book can be interrupted by a zinging dental nerve.

This is why maintaining excellent dental health is so very important to your overall good health. Keeping our own teeth for our entire lifetime is a goal worth achieving. And it is not impossible. But it starts with taking excellent care of our teeth and gums, maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of healthy fluids, exercise and getting the proper sleep needed.

Following this regimen daily should allow us to keep our mouth healthy, and very likely our bodies will follow suit making our mouth the gateway to a healthy body.

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