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8 Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Everyone knows that regular brushing and flossing is vital to good oral health. To really keep your mouth healthy, however, there are other things that you need to do. Follow these eight tips to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

8 Tips for a Healthy Mouth

1. Switch out your toothbrush once every few months. Most people keep their toothbrush for too long. After too much use, the toothbrush will not work effectively. If the brushes start to splay out, it is time to replace it.

2. Cut back on the soda. Soda and other sugary drinks will coat your teeth with sugar and can cause serious tooth decay. You do not need to cut out sugary drinks completely, but you should cut down on how often you have them.

3. Visit the dentist twice a year. The dentist will give you a thorough dental cleaning to take off any plaque buildup. The dentist will also check for any dental or oral problems and get them fixed.

4. Quit smoking. Smoking is very bad for your teeth. Smoking will turn your teeth yellow and harm your gums, and may even result in bone loss or oral cancer.

5. Don’t eat or drink anything before bed. If you ever eat or drink anything besides water after brushing your teeth for the night, brush them again. Even if it is just a little snack, the food will sit on your teeth overnight which can cause tooth decay.

6. Be careful when brushing. It is a common misconception that brushing harder is better. You should actually use gentle strokes and focus on brushing along the gum line.

7. Swish water after lunch. If you don’t have the time to brush your teeth or use mouthwash after eating lunch, simply swish with water to get rid of food particles.

8. Drink plenty of water. At least eight cups of water a day will keep your body, including your mouth, healthy in many ways.