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3 Ways To Protect Veneers

womancoveringmouthbangsIn many instances, the only thing that keeps our patients from quickly moving forward with plans to receive porcelain veneers is the fear that they will be difficult to protect. Of course, the hope with transforming one’s smile is that the beautiful results will last as long as possible. Fortunately, with a little extra help from our team, you will feel knowledgeable and confident about choosing veneers and keeping them in beautiful shape.

#1: Stop Your Teeth Grinding

Do you clench your teeth together or grind them back and forth when you are frustrated or angry? This can damage your veneers. Have you learned recently that you are suffering from bruxism (grinding and clenching)? Deal with the problem by seeking treatment with our practice, so you can prevent veneer damage.

#2: Return To Dental Hygiene As Usual

Don’t assume your teeth are protected by your porcelain veneers – they only cover the front portion of your visible teeth. In addition, they may stain, accumulate plaque, or become damaged as a result of neglect. To protect your entire smile (veneers included), keep up with your usual dental hygiene, which should include brushing and flossing. Remember to brush in the morning and at night, and to floss once daily.

#3: Become Mindful Of Staining Foods

We’re not insisting you give up staining foods. While limiting them will ensure stains develop at a slower pace, there’s a better solution to keeping your porcelain veneers looking white. After you eat particularly pigmented foods or drinks (like coffee or berries), rinse your mouth out with water – this will prevent the pigments from resting on your teeth. Then, brush your teeth once 30 minutes elapses.

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