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3 Toothbrush Buying Tips

toothbrushclearcupDid you know that you really can make a better decision when it comes to the toothbrush you choose to purchase? While they all hang there in the dental hygiene aisle looking like they must do a wonderful job removing plaque from your smile, it’s important not to find yourself swayed by promises and interesting new designs. Whether you’re reaching for the latest version of a brush or a classic, adhering to a few tips will make sure your selection is effective every time.

Tip #1: Consider Your Mouth Size and Shape

If you see a brush with a huge handle and a large head with more bristles than you’ve ever seen, you may assume this brush is going to offer some serious cleansing power. However, it’s very important that you consider the size and shape of your mouth when you choose this dental hygiene product. For instance, will it fit in your mouth with ease? Will you be able to hold the handle comfortably or is the brush you’re eyeing too big or too small? Choose accordingly.

Tip #2: Ban All Bristles But “Soft”

If you find a toothbrush that seems like a good fit but there aren’t any available with soft bristles, keep walking or choose a different brush model. If the bristles are “medium” or “firm” you will put your teeth and gums at risk the moment you begin using it. Enamel is strong but can become scraped and gum tissue can become injured.

Tip #3: Look For Verification

Do you secretly want to call our practice to ask if your toothbrush selection is going to be a good choice for your dental hygiene? A good alternative option here is to find the ADA Seal of Acceptance printed on the package – this lets you know that it has, in fact, been verified as effective by the American Dental Association.

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