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3 Times Gentle Is Best

gentleWhen you think about your dental hygiene habits, what words come to mind to describe them? Dedicated? Vigorous? Committed? How about “gentle?” If this term isn’t popping into your mind, it’s important that you become familiar with how very significant it is to take a careful approach to cleaning your oral tissues. Fortunately, using a light yet consistent approach will ensure your smile remains as healthy as possible.

#1: Brushing

When you’re brushing your teeth, you may feel the urge to use as much pressure as you can handle to make sure your dental hygiene session is worth it. However, this can lead to a host of significant problems, from damaged enamel to irritated gum tissue and tooth sensitivity. What you want to do is use very light pressure. Gentle, thorough care is generally the most effective.

#2: Flossing

If you’re flossing with great pressure between teeth and beneath your gumline, you may actually end up causing yourself some injury. You want to remove plaque and debris during dental hygiene sessions without interrupting or damaging the tissues you’re cleaning. Remain quite gentle with your flossing. As long as you’re thorough, you’re doing it right.

#3: Choosing Bristles

When you’re choosing a toothbrush, you need to remember that gentle is best. Don’t look for a toothbrush that has firm bristles, hard bristles, medium bristles, or anything that implies a lack of softness. Choosing a soft-bristled toothbrush head will ensure you have the ability to remove as much plaque and debris from your smile as possible without causing accidental abrasion.

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