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3 Things You Thought Were Bad For You

womanwonderingheadbandAs you may have noticed, sometimes you learn that things you assumed were bad for you are actually good for you. This is a common issue that occurs among our dental patients who are frequently surprised that certain items are good for oral health, rather than bad. For instance, do you know for certain whether chewing gum is good or bad? Learn more with some surprising information!

#1: Gum

You are probably under the impression that chewing gum is bad for your oral health. However, this is only true for gum that contains sugar. If it’s sugarless, it’s actually beneficial – it helps keep teeth nice and clean.

#2: Brushing More Than Twice Daily

You may have heard throughout your life that brushing your teeth too much will strip your enamel and lead to problems like cavities. This is only a concern if you are rough with your teeth. However, it’s okay to brush after meals or snacks if you apply gentle pressure. Just make sure you rinse first and wait 30 minutes before brushing.

#3: Eating Nuts Is Dangerous

As you likely know, there are a lot of nuts out there! If your teeth are prone to breakage or already have restorations, it might be a good idea to avoid the very-hard-to-eat varieties. You should also avoid attempting to dehull a nut with your teeth. However, nuts that you can comfortably chew are actually good for your oral health because they provide a good source of calcium and can help remove plaque from teeth.

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