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3 Steps For Effective Flossing

dentalflossAre you curious about your current method for flossing your smile? Perhaps when you finish flossing, you still don’t feel like your teeth are as clean and smooth as you would like them to feel – like the way they feel when you leave our practice after a dental cleaning. For help with this aspect of your dental hygiene, we encourage you to consider a few helpful steps. As a result, you can rest assured that you’re doing your best for your oral health. Keep in mind – the method really does make a strong impact on how effectively you clean your smile.

Step #1: Tear Off A Lot Of Floss

You might think that you just need a couple inches of floss for effective dental hygiene. This is understandable since your teeth are quite small. However, to make sure you have enough floss to go around (you want to use one strand to make your flossing more convenient), begin with an amount measuring approximately 18 to 24 inches in length.

Step #2: Use Six Fingers

Don’t just use your index fingers and thumbs for your flossing. Instead, direct the floss during this portion of your dental hygiene experience by using your middle fingers, index fingers, and thumbs. Let the middle fingers act as anchors, around which you wind the floss. Then, control the floss with your pointer fingers and thumbs.

Step #3: Curve That Floss!

You may see commercials during which actors move the dental floss up and then down without bending the floss – this isn’t correct. For effective care, gently curve the dental floss around the lowermost side of your tooth, just beneath your gum tissue. Then slide the floss up, then down, to remove food particles and plaque. Continue repeating this process throughout your smile, using a fresh segment of dental floss as you go.

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