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3 Secrets About Your Toothbrush

toothbrushesblueishNo, we aren’t keeping secrets from you about your toothbrush with the intention of surprising you one day. The simple fact is that there are just some things you might not have realized about this very important dental hygiene instrument. In realization of this concern, we feel it is our duty to inform you of some of those details that may fall through the cracks (and that can have an impact on your oral health). Learn more, so you keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Secret #1: Looks Can Be Deceiving

Your toothbrush just might look brand new. Just as new as the day you started using it 11 months ago, in fact! Unfortunately, just because a brush looks pretty pristine doesn’t mean its offering optimal oral health protection. Throw the brush out and start over. It’s essential that you start fresh every three to four months.

Secret #2: It Needs Time To Dry

Your toothbrush needs to dry between uses. Otherwise, the bacteria that you don’t like to think about just might have a heyday and more fully populate those bristles. All you need to do is let it dry by keeping it out of dark, damp areas. Simple.

Secret #3: You Won’t Hurt Its Feelings

You may laugh this off, reporting that you know that of course toothbrushes don’t have feelings. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel any loyalty to your toothbrush. Perhaps this particular style or model has been something you’ve used for 10 or 20 years to keep your oral health safe! The secret here is that it’s okay to try something new if you’re interested. You can make a change for the better or discover that old faithful was serving you as well as you thought.

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