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3 Reasons To Stop Worrying About Whitening

smilewhitegreatWe often find that as excited as many of our patients feel about whitening their smiles, they often feel just as concerned. When you are not certain about particular aspects of a cosmetic treatment, you may find yourself hesitating more and more as your questions remain unanswered. Keep in mind at all times – we will be more than happy to offer thorough explanations regarding any of our services. For the moment, we invite you to consider a few reasons you should feel confident about teeth whitening if you are looking for a way to brighten your smile.

Reason #1: Your Teeth Will Remain Healthy

We commonly find that patients assume teeth whitening will damage their teeth. It’s true that if you choose to whiten your smile with your own methods (such as over-the-counter treatments), you might experience prolonged sensitivity and damage. However, choosing to whiten your smile with our professional whitening systems, will ensure your smile remains safe and healthy, while undergoing a beautiful transformation.

Reason #2: We Can Address Significant Staining

Another common cause of stress among patients is the concern that we cannot address their significant discoloration with teeth whitening. While certain cases will require alternative cosmetic treatments like veneers, we offer powerful whitening. For deep stains, we offer KoR Deep Bleaching, which requires both home whitening and whitening in our office for safe yet powerful stain lifting.

Reason #3: We Can Offer A Near-Instant Transformation

Are you getting married in a week? Are you beginning a new job soon and want to look your best? For last minute events for which you would love to show up with a beautiful, bright smile, we can help. We offer in-office teeth whitening that will require only approximately an hour of your time. You can expect to leave our practice with a dramatically whiter smile.

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