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3 Common Crown Questions

toothquestionIs your knowledge of dental crowns primarily centered on their function? Perhaps you know that they restore damaged teeth but you have a list of questions about a mile long regarding the specifics of this multi-tasking prosthetic tooth. We are always happy to learn that patients would like additional information about particular treatments. As a result, we have carefully selected some common questions we receive from our patients about crowns (and we have answered them, too). Of course, for the questions we leave unanswered, remember to bring them up during a future appointment, so we can complete your education.

Question #1: Will My Crown Last?

Yes, your dental crown may last multiple years. The factors that contribute to a crown breaking down include poor home care, skipping preventive visits, using your teeth for functions other than their intended purposes (such as opening packages or biting your fingernails), and eating foods that are too hard or sticky. If you avoid potential dangers and care for your smile, a crown can last anywhere from five years to more than 30.

Question #2: What Type Of Crown Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of dental crowns to fit the particular needs of each patient. You see, a metal crown is the most budget-friendly and also the strongest – however, it is not esthetically pleasing for visible teeth. In the instance you need a crown for a visible load-bearing tooth, we may suggest porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) or zirconia. For front teeth, we may suggest porcelain. Budget, esthetics, and durability guide the decision.

Question #3: Will My Crown Feel And Look Okay?

Yes. We will customize every detail of your crown, including the shape, dimensions, and the color. As a result, your bite will be restored and the crown will look like a natural extension of your own smile.

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