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2 Reasons To Show Up For Your Filling

toothbluebckgroundAre you noticing that your initial desire to do what’s best for your tooth is beginning to wane? Have you noticed that the closer you get to your appointment for your dental filling, the more you want to pick up the phone and cancel your visit? Granted, this is a natural response – certainly there are other ways you could spend this time that sound like a lot more fun! However, showing up for your filling is actually much more important than you might realize. Consider a couple compelling reasons to take this assertion to heart.

Reason #1: A Filling Is A Comfortable Procedure

We understand that anxiety about what the dental filling experience will feel like can influence your decision to cancel your visit. However, we can assure you with confidence that your visit will be comfortable. With the use of local anesthetic, we will numb the tooth affected by decay as well as the tissues in the nearby location. If you feel anxious or simply prefer additional numbing, we will provide you with options for sedation.

Reason #2: The Cavity Will Get Worse

We find that patients often think of a cavity as a hole in their tooth that is going to stay just as it is. Unfortunately, that hole is the product of decaying tissue that will continue to decay. As a result, the opening will grow and deepen. Treat it immediately with a dental filling and you won’t need to worry about side effects. Postpone your filling and you may need a crown, your tooth may shatter, or infection may ensue (requiring root canal therapy).


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