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2 Dental Flossing Tips

dentalflosswhiteAre you flossing your smile every single day? Do you reach for dental floss only if you think something has become lodged between your teeth? When it comes to practicing your best dental hygiene for a truly health smile, you will quickly discover that your dental flossing is an essential process. Unfortunately, we often find that patients aren’t too thrilled regarding this part of their daily hygiene sessions. Good news: We have a couple helpful tips that can transform your outlook on flossing for the better.

Tip #1: Do It Daily

Yes, you heard that correctly. You should be flossing your smile at least once daily (though twice is also beneficial) for effective dental hygiene. We suggest you floss your teeth because your toothbrush cannot access the spaces between your teeth or just beneath your gumline – plaque and food particles may then accumulate, leading to issues like cavity formation and periodontal issues.

Tip #2: Choose Floss You Like

Are you tired of using the waxed, unflavored dental floss you don’t actually remember purchasing for yourself? If you dislike the flavor or consistency of the floss you’re using, you are much less likely to incorporate essential flossing into your daily dental hygiene routine. Spend a bit of time in the hygiene aisle at the store and pick a flavor that sounds pleasing. Skip the waxed unless you prefer it (or have crowded teeth). Seek out a sensitive-gum-friendly option if this is a concern of yours. Then, flossing may actually prove to be an enjoyable experience.

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